Truck Radiator Cleaning

The cooling system of a car is an area that is easy to ignore; it has no noise, except for a thermometer, it is never really known that it is doing one of the most important tasks in a car's machinery.

Although flushing the cooling system may seem like a trivial process, it cannot be underestimated as a way to keep your car on the road. Truck radiator is an indispensable component in the car cooling system, which directly determines the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, the flushing of the truck radiator also plays an important role.

Ⅰ. Why clean the truck radiator?

Many car owners complain that the air conditioner in the car is not as cold as before. This is probably because your car's radiator needs to be cleaned.

The truck radiator is located inside and outside of the vehicle grille, and it can be seen without even opening the grille, which can be regarded as directly exposed to the outside. Therefore, dirt entering from the grille during driving can easily adhere to this mesh radiator.

Some sundries such as poplar catkins and leaves floating in the air can easily enter the grille and attach to the radiator. In addition, some mud, sand, dust, and floating objects in the air will also hit the radiator when driving. At the same time, the dirt floating in some water-filled road sections in summer will also enter the truck radiator when driving. Cleaning will block the heat dissipation holes, reduce the heat dissipation effect, and cause the air conditioner to increase the temperature of the cold water, so it is important to clean the radiator in time.

Ⅱ. How to flush the truck radiator?

1. Remove the grille

Cleaning the radiator is not a difficult task, it is very convenient to operate. We can ask the staff to assist in the cleaning when repairing and washing the car, or even do it by ourselves. Of course the first step is to remove the front grille.

Due to the differences in the design of each model, even if the grille is removed for individual models, only a small part of the radiator can be exposed, so it will take a little longer to clean.

2. Air pump cleaning

If there are large debris such as branches and leaves on the surface of the radiator, you can clean it by hand first, if not, you can clean it directly with the help of an air pump.

Air pump cleaning has a certain degree of particularity. If conditions permit, try to use an air pump to clean from the inside of the engine room. This method can make the cleaned dust and debris directly blow out of the car instead of flying into the engine room. Of course, the internal structure of each car will be different. Some cars cannot get the air pump in from the inside, so it can only be cleaned from the outside to the inside.

After completing the above two steps, the truck radiator cleaning has been basically completed, and some car owners who pursue perfection will choose to use a water gun for the final flush. However, it is not recommended to use a water gun for cleaning, because the water gun itself has a high pressure, and a little carelessness will easily knock the heat sink, which will affect the heat dissipation effect.

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