All Aluminum Radiators For Sale

As a reliablealuminum radiator supplier and professionalaluminum radiator manufacturer, U&C aims to different types offull aluminum radiators to meet the needs of their customers. We havecheap aluminum radiators andhigh performance aluminum radiators. And you can also design acustom made aluminum radiator for your car.

We Offer Champion All Aluminum Radiator

We have more than 500 all aluminum radiators on our website for selection. Also we provide custom All-Aluminum Radiators.
Our custom design and manufacturing process confirms that the finished radiator will suit and perform well in customer's application without need for modifications or additional equipments.
Whether you simply need a great looking, high performance radiator to fit the OEM specs of your vehicle, or a fully custom one designed from scratch, U&C All aluminum radiator can fit the bill. Our design and engineering team is ready to assist you to make sure your radiator has the right fit and configuration, including all the features you need to make sure it performs well to your high expectations.

Advantages of All Aluminum Radiator

Wide range of design patterns, flow configurations, fittings, and mounting options.

· Develop new models in short time with low cost

· Performance or Heavy Duty applications

· Short production delivery time

Tips to Maintain Your All Alluminum Radiator

In order to ensure the longevity and trouble-free operation, your all aluminum radiator needs regular and careful maintenance, just as any other car parts or components.
· Paying close attention to and examining the level of the coolant periodically. A leak may occur in the cooling system if a apparent dropping of coolant level is detected between two checks.
· Flushing the coolant after every 25,000 miles the vehicle runs. This is to eliminate the pollutants in the radiator as well as those in the hoses.
· Changing the coolant on a regular basis can prevent your radiator from failing prematurely. The changing interval is usually mentioned in the owner's manual.
· Cleaning the dust inside the radiator can also prolong its life.Regularly inspecting the radiator hoses and other parts is also recommended.

All aluminum radiator VS Plastic Radiator Showdown

The first radiator was made in steel. Till today, radiators are constantly evolving in terms of both shape and compatibility, and now different types of radiators are available on the market.

The development of automotive manufacturing industry facilitates the appearance of plastic radiator. People prefer plastic radiator over copper or brass ones because the former enjoys advantages in weight and cost. The plastic radiator is also easy to be maintained. For those who don’t have to drive long and far, the plastic radiator is a nice choice because there is no need for the car engine to work hard. However, the most convincing reason for people turn to other types of radiators is the shorter longevity of the plastic one . The high temperature of the warmed coolant will lead to a break of the plastic radiator. The continuous high temperatures cause significant damage and the plastic radiator finally erodes or forms a hole.

Why people choose all aluminum radiator? It is not difficult to find that aluminum material is widely used in car radiators. The all aluminum radiator is light weight but durable. It doesn’t erode or block like a plastic one. Besides, with more options of cylinders, a more slender center can be applied to all aluminum radiators.

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