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U&C stock a large inventory of high performance truck radiators. We believe that our customers can always find what they need. We also accept OEM and ODM, and drawing and/or samples from customers to design custom radiators for trucks.

Truck Radiator for Your Choice

In addition to our comprehensive selection of heavy-duty radiators, truck radiators offers a variety of charge air coolers and A/C condensers. We're expert when it comes to making sure your truck's cooling system is in top condition.

As an experienced cooling system manufacturer, we are able to provide you in a lange range of truck radiators. We try our best to offer our customers best available truck radiators at the most affordable price possible.

Find Best Truck Radiators and Truck Radiator Parts in U&C

When one of your trucks nees a radiator, condenser or intercooler, choose the expert to help you. You can search it on our website. If you failed to find the right one, pls don't hesitate to contact us.

As the only Asian suppier of Fiat-Chrysler Group LL ( now FAC), we offer our customers both OEM parts and Aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts that meet OEM specifications for trucks, buses, heavy equipment, combines, generators and lift trucks of a variety of makes and models. U&C offers a variety of plastic and aluminum heavy duty radiators that meet or exceed original equipment(OEM) specifications. As for more details, you can check it on our website or contact us.

Failure Signs of a Truck Radiator and Its Cause

If the following problems are detected when you are checking your truck, you should be aware that a radiator failure occurs.

· The coolant is leaking.

· Engine overheat.

· Sediments are found in the coolant.

· Obvious falling of coolant level between your two checks.

The common causes of a truck radiator failure can be:

1. Electrolysis. When an electric current is detected to circulate in a cooling system, the electrolysis problem happens. Electrolysis should be the very first cause of your truck radiator failure.

2. Contamination. If you are using an aluminum truck radiator, the contamination may be the major factor for the failure. The contaminated coolant will boost the acidity of the fluid, which further leads to the wear and tear of the aluminum and finally cause the leakage.

Collision. Radiator is a front-end component, and this inevitably involves it in different kinds of  collisions. The collisions may not damage the radiator, but they will bring about leakage in the cooling system.

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