How to Clean the Truck Radiator and How Much Does It Cost?

Cleaning the truck radiator is a very important part of car maintenance. After driving for a long time, the car engine will get hot. Exchanging heat energy is an important work for truck radiators to cool the car.

The question is how often should the truck radiator be washed? It depends on the type of car engine. Under normal circumstances, it can be washed once a year to avoid malfunctions when driving. Here are some details about truck radiator washing.

1. The correct way to wash a truck radiator

In order to ensure clean, you need to have the necessary tools and materials: 2 gallons of antifreeze; 8 liters of distilled water; rubber hose with nozzles; a sewage bucket; a bucket of soapy water; protective glasses; Antifreeze containing ethylene glycol is important in the washing process because it can prevent rust and corrosion of the cooling system. The stability of the system is not constant, and the antifreeze can provide protection to the cooling system when the temperature changes.

Before starting to wash the truck radiator, it is important to ensure that the engine has cooled down. Because cold water is used to clean the truck radiator, it may cause damage to the engine when it is still hot. Therefore, it is not suitable to wash the truck radiator immediately after driving for a long time.

First, clean the truck radiator with soapy water. Nylon brushes and soapy water can remove particles, dust and debris accumulated on the grille, and then rinse them with clean water. Use a disposable plate to fill the drained coolant. This plate should be placed under the car, so it is important to choose a good size before use.

2. The price of truck radiator washing

Depending on the age of the car and different models, the price of truck radiator washing can be between 55 to 150 US dollars. The price of washing and filling fluids will vary depending on the region. In addition, the price of truck radiator repairs is around $100.

Most car problems can be solved with proper inspection and maintenance. Wash the truck radiator yourself, which can save a lot of money. But it should be remembered that this job requires a certain degree of automotive machinery knowledge and experience.

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