Nissan Altima Radiator Replacement Cost

Nissan Altima Radiator Replacement Cost

The Nissan ALTIMA radiator replacement consists of upper water chamber, lower water chamber, radiator core, etc. The average nissan altima radiator replacement cost is between $1 and $30.

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Nissan ALTIMA, also known as Nissan Natural Sound North America, is a family car produced by Japanese enterprises. Nissan is Japan's second largest automaker, and neither technology nor strength can be underestimated. However, compared with other domestic brands, these technologies and strengths have not been fully developed by local producers so far. In addition, many professionals prefer to regard ALTIMA as the first real product of cooperation between Dongfeng and Nissan, because Nissan's Bluebird and Sunshine, which formally entered the Chinese market and were introduced through Nissan Taiwan Joint Venture. Its Nissan ALTIMA radiator replacement combines the advantages of both.
The Nissan ALTIMA radiator replacement consists of upper water chamber, lower water chamber, radiator core, etc. The top of the upper water chamber of the radiator is provided with a nozzle, from which the cooling water is injected into the whole cooling system and covered by the radiator cover. The intake and outlet pipes are respectively installed in the upper and lower water chambers. The intake and outlet pipes are connected by rubber hoses and the outlet pipes of the cylinder head and the intake pipes of the pump respectively. This is convenient for installation and will not leak when there is a small displacement between the engine and the radiator. The shock absorber pad is usually installed under the radiator to prevent the Nissan ALTIMA radiator replacement from being damaged by vibration. There is also a water discharge switch on the outlet pipe of the radiator sewer. If necessary, the cooling water in the radiator can be discharged.

Nissan altima mostly uses the radiator cross-flow structure, because the car body is low and the space size is tight. The transverse water structure radiator can make full use of the limited space of the car to maximize the windward area of the radiator. The radiator is divided into water cooling and air cooling. Air cooling is mainly used to cool vehicles running in desert areas, but most vehicles use water cooling, including Nissan altima.

The mounting arrangement of the Nissan altima radiator replacement: The radiator is usually mounted at four points or three points. There are two main mounting points and two or one auxiliary mounting points. All mounting points should be arranged on the same part assembly to improve the stress condition of the radiator so as to minimize the vibration intensity of the radiator. The flexible non-metallic materials such as rubber pads or rubber sleeves are used to transfer between the main mounting point and the component assembly connected to the main mounting point in order to achieve the purpose of shock absorption. The pad compression of the main mounting point is generally about 1/5 of its free height. A few cars have rigid connections because of their shock absorber pads or rubber sleeves.

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