Toyota Radiator Replacement Cost

Toyota Radiator Replacement Cost

The toyota radiator replacement belongs to cooling system.

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When choosing the material of radiator, the following points should be considered: good heat transfer performance, strong corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, good brazing performance, easy processing and forming, and good economy. This paper mainly analyses the early pure aluminum radiator of Toyota.

Pure aluminium radiator is a relatively common early radiator aluminium profile. Its manufacturing process is simple and its cost is low. Until the 2x2 industrial aluminium profile, pure aluminium radiator aluminium profile still occupies a considerable part of the market. In order to increase the heat dissipation area of the fin radiator aluminium profile, extrusion technology is the most commonly used processing method of pure aluminium radiator, and the main index of a toyota radiator replacement is the thickness of the radiator base and the ratio of Pen-Fin.

Pin refers to the height of fins in the toyota radiator replacement. Fin is the distance between two adjacent fins. Pin-Fin ratio is divided by the height of Pin (excluding the thickness of the base) by Fin. The larger the Pin-Fin ratio is, the larger the effective heat dissipation area of the radiator is, the more advanced the aluminum extrusion technology is.
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