Several Characteristics and Performance of Radiator Used in Modern Automobile

Several characteristics of modern truck radiators:

1. Good heat dissipation performance.

2. Smaller size. Due to the requirements of automobile engine exhaust purification, automatic transmission, steering afterburner, air conditioner installation reasons and expansion of vision, the size of truck radiators must be reduced.

3. Lighter weight.

4. Better long service life and good ability to adapt to different roads and climatic conditions.

5. Low cost.

6. Easy maintenance.

The performance of the car radiator mainly depends on the structural design of the core. The performance of the car radiator is mainly determined by the heat transfer coefficient a on the air side. Taking into account that 60%-70% of the cost of the radiator is the cost of raw materials, of which copper accounts for 50%. In order to reduce costs, in addition to mass production to reduce costs, materials should also be saved from the thermal engineering perspective, that is, to strive for optimal heat dissipation performance per unit weight. The specific improvement methods mainly include two aspects, namely, improving the design of the core heat sink and adopting a pressure cooling system.

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