Honda Accord Condenser Radiator Replacement Cost

Honda Accord Condenser Radiator Replacement Cost

The honda accord conde nser replacement belongs to warm air and air conditioning systems. The average honda accord condenser radiator replacement cost is between $1 and $30.

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The air conditioning condenser is used in refrigeration and air conditioning system. The refrigerant in the tube is directly exchanged with the air outside to achieve the effect of refrigerating air. Winter driving mostly uses warm air, because the air conditioning refrigeration system has not been used for a long time, air conditioning will have a bad smell in summer. This is because during the driving process, the car inhales a lot of dust and dirt from the air conditioning intake, adsorbs in the evaporator and air conditioning system, and breeds a large number of bacteria, fungi and mites, which will not only produce a bad smell, but also endanger the health of passengers. In this environment for a long time, people will feel dizzy, nausea, and even lead to respiratory diseases. Automobile condenser affects the refrigeration effect of air conditioning. Air conditioning filter plays the role of filtering the air in the car, so the honda accord condenser replacement and air conditioning filter need to be checked and cleaned.

1. Cleaning condenser

Automotive Condensers
The condenser of air conditioning is a device that exchanges heat between the outside air and the material in the pipeline by radiating metal sheets. Usually installed in the front of the car and water tank together, it is easy to use the air flow in driving to enhance the heat dissipation.
It is better to wash the car with high-pressure water gun to get the condenser, so as to prevent the heat dissipation blade from being blocked by sundries and affecting the heat dissipation effect.

2. Clean air conditioning filter

Air-conditioning filter element is referred to as air filter. In normal maintenance, besides replacing oil and filter, air-conditioning filter element should also be replaced. The main function of air conditioning filter element is to filter the air in the car. After using the filter element for a period of time, especially in the dirty environment, the air conditioning filter element has a lot of dust, sand and insects, which will mildew and produce peculiar odor after dampness. It is unavoidable that there is a bad smell in the honda accord condenser radiator replacement. It is necessary to clean the air conditioning filter before summer.

The cooling fan control unit controls two cooling fa ns according to the signal provided by the ECT switch to prevent the engine from overheating. When the engine coolant temperature exceeds the predetermined temperature, even if the air conditioning system is not working, the cooling fan control unit will still activate the cooling fan of the condenser.

In addition, even if the ignition switch is off, if the coolant temperature is too high, the radiator fan control unit will still instruct the radiator fan to remain in operation until the coolant temperature drops to a predetermined temperature.

After that, the maintenance technicians connect the fault diagnosis instrument for inspection. After many observations, it is found that as long as the heat dissipation fan is in constant rotation, the "fan control" item in the data flow of the engine control system will turn on; once the heat dissipation fan works normally, the "fan control" item will show off. Normally, the "fan control" item in the data stream of the engine control system changes only when the air conditioning switch is turned on or off, because it is used by the engine control unit to control the operation of the cooling fan.

At this time, the air conditioning switch is not turned on, but the engine control unit controls the operation of the cooling fan, so there are only two reasons for the failure: the engine control unit itself fails, or the engine control unit receives the wrong air conditioning opening signal.

Through further inspection, the air conditioning switch is normal, which excludes the possibility that the control unit receives the wrong signal. The problem should be on the engine control unit. After that, the maintenance technicians checked the power supply and line of the engine control unit of the vehicle, and the line was completely normal. Then, the engine control unit of the same model is replaced to troubleshoot the test run.

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