The Role of Car Intercoolers

1. Introduction of car intercoolers

One of the reasons why a turbocharged engine has more power than an ordinary engine is that its air exchange efficiency is higher than the natural intake of an ordinary engine. When the air enters the turbocharger, its temperature will rise sharply, and the density will decrease accordingly. The intercooler acts to cool the air. The high-temperature air is cooled by the intercooler and then enters the engine. If the intercooler is lacking and the supercharged high-temperature air enters the engine directly, the engine will knock or even damage the flameout due to the excessively high air temperature.

Car intercoolers are usually found in cars equipped with turbochargers. Because the intercooler is actually a matching part of the turbocharger, and its role is to improve the air exchange efficiency of the turbocharged engine. AC-cooled intercoolers can be usually seen.

2. The classification of car intercoolers

Car intercoolers are generally made of aluminum alloy materials. According to different cooling media, common intercoolers can be divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled.

3. The role of car intercoolers

The role of the intercooler is to reduce the intake air temperature of the engine.

(1) The temperature of the exhaust gas discharged by the engine is very high, and the heat conduction through the supercharger will increase the temperature of the intake air. Moreover, the density of air will increase in the process of being compressed, which also causes the temperature of the air discharged from the supercharger to increase. As the air pressure increases, the oxygen density decreases, which affects the effective charging efficiency of the engine. If you want to further improve the charging efficiency, it is necessary to reduce the intake air temperature. Data shows that under the same air-fuel ratio conditions, the engine power can be increased by 3% to 5% for every 10 ℃ decrease in the temperature of the charge air.

(2) If the uncooled supercharged air enters the combustion chamber, in addition to affecting the charging efficiency of the engine, it will also easily cause the engine's combustion temperature to be too high, causing malfunctions such as knocking, and will increase the NOx content in the engine exhaust gas, causing air pollution.

(3) Reduce engine fuel consumption

(4) Improve the adaptability to altitude. In high-altitude areas, the use of intercooler can use a compressor with a higher pressure ratio, which allows the engine to get more power and improves the adaptability of the car.

(5) Improve supercharger matching and adaptability

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