Tips on the Use of Truck Radiators

Ⅰ. How to avoid the "boiling up" of truck radiators?

In summer, the temperature will continue to rise. Faced with such a high temperature situation, the water temperature of the car simply rises sharply, forming a "boiling pot", and all car owners should prepare for the cooling of the car in advance. But how to prevent the car from "boiling up"?

1. Check the cooling system

Car owners should always check the heat dissipation system and attach importance to the maintenance to ensure the sensitivity of truck radiators, electric fans and other components.

2. Clean the surface of the water tank

If too much dust and other impurities accumulate on the surface of the water tank, it will seriously affect the heat dissipation function of the water tank, so the dirt on the surface of the water tank should be cleaned up in time.

3. Fill the water tank with water

The car owner should check whether the water tank is short of water and fill it up in time before leaving the car every day. In addition, you can also store a bucket of water in the trunk for emergencies.

4. Pay attention to the water temperature when traveling

If car owners want to travel remotely or for a long time, they should pay attention to the water temperature during the travel process. If the water temperature is too high, they should park the car to a safe place to rest.

5. Turn off the air conditioner in traffic jam

You can turn off the air conditioner during traffic jams to reduce the rate of water temperature rise and prevent the car from boiling.

6. Use hot air to cool down

If the car has already shown a "boiler boiling" phenomenon, the owner can adjust the air conditioner in the car to the condition of external circulation and hot air, which can help the engine to cool down quickly.

Ⅱ. Precautions for cleaning truck radiator

1. Clean the truck radiator regularly

Develop the habit of cleaning and inspecting the truck radiator regularly, such as checking or cleaning during half a year or during the season to keep the radiator clean.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning sequence

In some car wash rooms, it is easy to remove the grille or even rinse the heat sink directly with a water gun without removing the grille. This method must be eliminated. It is not only easy to damage the angle of the heat sink, but also easy to make the dust accumulated in it meet with water and mud.

3. Pay attention to cleaning by yourself

If you clean it yourself, follow the method and sequence, and use an air pump to blow out the dirt. Do not use hard objects to hook those dirt, otherwise it will easily damage the angle of the heat sink.

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