A Simple Identification Method for Auto Parts Radiator

Auto parts radiator is an important part of the engine cooling system, most of which are made of steel to achieve good heat dissipation effect and require higher processing technology. Therefore, the price of auto parts radiator in the auto parts market is higher. Some auto parts manufacturers see the profits and produce counterfeit products of other brands or products of poor quality. These products are made of poor heat dissipation, and the flat tubes that make up the radiator fins have too large spacing or rough workmanship, but their prices are low and they have a certain market in the auto parts market. Next, Better cooling system (Jiangsu) Company Ltd (U&C) will briefly describe the identification method of auto parts radiator, hoping to bring benefits to everyone.

1. Observe whether the surface paint of the auto parts radiator is shiny and whether the color is pure and bright;

2. Whether the solder joints on the surface are obvious, you can touch the surface to judge whether it is smooth;

3. Ask about the thickness of the plate. The thickness of the plate directly affects the service life of the auto parts radiator. The easiest way to identify is to lift a set of heating controls. You can try to control different brands of heating, but, for the same specifications of heating, the heavier the film, the better the quality and the longer the service life.

In the choice of auto parts radiator, you must not buy inferior products for the sake of temporary cheapness, which will result in the consequences of not worth the loss. In addition to the above three points, you should choose a auto parts radiator that matches the performance of your own car. There are many radiator manufacturers on the market, but the products are uneven. Please believe in Better cooling system (Jiangsu) Company Ltd (U&C), we will provide you with dedicated service and quality products.

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