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All Aluminum Radiator

According to the material of water tanks, there's two types of radiators: Plastic radiators and All aluminum radiators. Both core and water tanks of all aluminum radiator are made of aluminum. All aluminum radiator is better than plastic radiator in heat dissipation. And it’s more inexpensive than cooper radiator. Besides it can be used in auto cars, heavy-duty and racing cars. U&C can make all aluminum radiator according to your drawing, sample or OEM numbers. So pls don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any worry about plastic radiators, all aluminum radiators or cooper radiators. Details

We have more than 500 all aluminum radiators on our website for selection. Also we provide custom All-Aluminum Radiators.
Our custom design and manufacturing process confirms that the finished radiator will suit and perform well in customer's application without need for modifications or additional equipments.

Whether you simply need a great looking, high performance radiator to fit the OEM specs of your vehicle, or a fully custom one designed from scratch, U&C All aluminum radiator can fit the bill. Our design and engineering team is ready to assist you to make sure your radiator has the right fit and configuration, including all the features you need to make sure it performs well to your high expectations.

Wide range of design patterns, flow configurations, fittings, and mounting options.

  • Develop new models in short time with low cost
  • Performance or Heavy Duty applications.
  • Short production delivery time.

Tips to Maintain Your Radiator

  • Changing the coolant on a regular basis can prevent your radiator from failing prematurely. The changing interval is usually mentioned in the owner's manual.
  • Cleaning the dust inside the radiator can also prolong its life.Regularly inspecting the radiator hoses and other parts is also recommended.