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About Us

U&C AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD has been engaged in manufacturing of auto radiators, A/C condensers and charge air coolers since 2002. Now with owning ISO Regulated factory area of 69,000 square meters, advanced automatic production lines imported from Japan and USA, about 320 professional employees, U&C has become a leader in manufacturing more than 2,000 types of high quality metal cores, complete radiators, condensers, charge air coolers for both the automotive and industrial needs.

Company Timeline:
2002— Founding year of the company in Nanjing, China
2003-- Build-up of 1st factory for manufacturing complete radiators, condensers
2006—Build-up of 2nd factory manufacturing all kinds of radiator/cooler tubes
2008—Became Tier-1 supplier for Chrysler Group LLC( now continuing as Tier-1 supplier for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)
2010—Build-up of 3rd factory for manufacturing complete PA/AA radiators, HD radiators, charge air coolers

Since 2002, the qualified products of U&C have been exported to worldwide markets. Now U&C can supply more than 2000 kinds of complete radiators for automotive, 890 models of A/C condensers, 424 of all aluminum radiators, 170 of charge air coolers, 300 plus of heavy duty truck radiators and 500 plus of heaters, with a total annual production capacity about 600,000 pieces. U&C strives to continuously develop 60-120 new part numbers annually and accept to develop new products according to the drawing and/or samples from customers.

Quality Control:
All locations have been certificated by TS 16949 and Annual Audit / Assessment puts into effects continuously. Highest grades of materials and workmanship are used in THE production and all completes are 100% tested. Strict dimension, accessories and appearance inspection are also carried out before packing. Manufacturing of our own tubes and cores allow us to provide our customers with competitive price based on good quality.

Corporate-wide values:
As a reliable manufacturer, U&C is committed to deliver quality products, services, and support to ensure the success and satisfaction of our customers. We will continuously create value for our customers with advanced technology, perfect products and wholehearted service.

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