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Internal Cleaning and Inspection of the Hyundai Sonata Intercooler

The internal pipeline of the hyundai sonata intercooler often contains dirt such as sludge and colloid, which not only narrows the air passage, but also reduces the cooling and heat exchange capacity. Therefore, the hyundai sonata inter-cooler must be maintained and cleaned. In general, the internal of the inter-cooler should be cleaned and inspected every year or when the engine is overhauled or the water tank is welded.

Cleaning method: add 2% soda water solution (temperature should be 70 - 80 C) into the intercooler, fill it up, wait 15 minutes to see if there is leakage in the inter-cooler. If there is no leakage, shake back and forth, repeat several times, pour out the lotion, then fill in clean water solution containing 2% soda for washing, until it is cleaner, then add clean hot water (80-90 C) for cleaning, until the released water is clean. If there is oil stain on the outside of intercooler, alkali water can also be used for cleaning. The method is to soak the oil stain in alkali solution and remove it with a brush until it is clean. After cleaning, the water in the intercooler is blown dry or naturally cooled by compressed air or the connecting pipe between the inter-cooler and the engine is not connected before installing the inter-cooler. The engine is started, and the engine intake pipe is connected when the outlet of the inter-cooler is dry. If serious dirt is found in the core of the inter-cooler, the leaks in the air filter and the intake pipes should be carefully checked and troubleshooted.

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