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U&C carries a full line of replacement radiators and intercoolers for your tractor, combine, or harvester. Whatever brand you use to farm with, you can search it on our website. If you failed to find your required radiators, welcome to contact us.

With over 17 years experience in the cooling system manufacture, we can make radiators as required.
Radiator is an essential part of all the internal combustion and gasoline engines in the automobiles. The tractors are also acted with efficient and heavy-duty radiators for optimum engine performance in highly demanding work conditions. Radiators used for automotive applications are meant to provide cooling effect to the engine. With a radiator in place, the engine will retain its best temperature to work as expected.

The cooling system is responsible for maintaining an optimum temperature in the truck engines. And radiator is an important part of the cooling system of a tractor.
Agricultural radiators are generally placed in the front of the engine bay. In the engine block, liquid coolant is warmed by the friction created by the engine. Then the hot liquid coolant is pumed into the radiator. Because of the coolant, fanned air contacting the large surface area of the radiator, the liquid is cooled.

The construction of the agricultural radiators is simple. So it is reparable when there is a mechanical breakdown. Typical problems with the radiators are degradation of materials, leaks in header tanks, and loss of coolant.

An agricultural radiator is used as a heat exchanger in internal combustion engines. It cools the engine by replacing the heat from the hot coolant with cooled coolantants with air blown by the fan. It is generally made of aluminum because aluminum is light weight.

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U&C AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD was founded in 2002. Now with owning factory area of 69,000 square meters.

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