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What Causes Inter-cooler Blockage?

At present, most domestic heavy truck engines are air-to-air cooling and turbocharging technology. As an important component of Turbocharged engine, inter-cooler is not unfamiliar to many people. The function of the hyundai tucson inter-cooler is to make the air passing through the supercharger enter the cooling process first and keep the temperature and pressure of the supercharged air entering the cylinder combustion stable. Most of them are installed in front of the radiator of the water tank. The shape and structure of the radiator have a lot in common with that of the water tank.

The normal operation of long life engine requires absolutely clean air intake system. However, due to various factors, the air intake system can not meet the standard, failure, rupture of intake pipeline and other reasons, the interior of the hyundai tucson inter-cooler becomes dirty or even blocked. It is not alarmist that the power of the engine is seriously affected and the fuel consumption increases rapidly. The following case may serve as a reminder.

Because the driver suddenly found that the fuel consumption began to increase in the past month, the engine parts were checked one by one, the intake system was checked, and the possibility of inter-cooler blockage was preliminarily determined by professional equipment. Remove and start cleaning, pour out a lot of things, similar to the flocculent mixture of cotton floss. Through these impurities, it is preliminarily determined that the inter-cooler has no repair value.

By dismantling the inter-cooler, a large number of impurities were revealed. So what is the cause of the inter-cooler blockage? The owner's tractor is mainly transported by wind power equipment. Early to pastoral areas and plateau, there are many fallen willow catkins and poplar catkins, and when the air intake pipeline is not tightly sealed, it may not be noticed.

Check the intake pipe and supercharger again, and find that there are oil stains on the intake pipe wall. The supercharger finds that there is axial movement and the impeller is damaged. Finally, the cause of the failure emerged in an all-round way. By replacing supercharger, inter-cooler, cleaning pipeline, thorough troubleshooting, after driving test, fuel consumption and power return to normal.

Fault summary:

1. What causes the blockage of inter-cooler?

Answer: Poor air filter, rupture of inlet pipe of turbocharger, loose seal of clip, oil channeling damage of turbocharger body, etc.

2. Why does the supercharger leak oil? Is it the quality reason?

Answer: Supercharger oil channeling is often caused by man-made factors, such as:
(1) The quality of the oil is poor, the oil changing period is too long, and the oil is not treated in time after the water enters the diesel oil.
(2) Driving habits, starting boom throttle in winter and shutting down quickly will lead to poor lubrication of supercharger, dry grinding and final scrap.
(3) The bypass valve of the supercharger works badly, and the pressure relief action can not be completed in time, resulting in supercharging overload, superheating, high temperature and abrasion of the supercharger body. inter-cooler pressurized overload, rupture failure.

3. Can the hyundai tucson inter-cooler be cleaned? Is there any good way?

Answer: If the inter-cooler is slightly polluted by oil and dust, it can be filled with appropriate amount of gasoline. After fully dissolved, it should be washed and dried repeatedly with clean water. It is not recommended to wash with acidic or alkaline liquids. The second type, if a large area of blockage is caused by the breakdown of inferior filters and pipelines, and there is no repair value, the inter-cooler is basically a high-strength aluminium component. Even if it is welded after the breakup, it is easy to rupture again. It is suggested that a new inter-cooler be replaced.

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