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Skills for Use of Construction Dump Trucks in Alpine Plateau Area II

3. Installing a turbocharger in the dump truck radiator

Because the fuel output of high-pressure oil pump of diesel engine has been adjusted, the power of the pump has been reduced. Therefore, a turbocharger with a slightly stronger working ability should be selected to match the diesel engine. The Weichai WD615.50 diesel engine on ND3250B44-6*4 dump truck is equipped with HX50 Hallset turbocharger.

4. Selecting the high-quality oils

High temperature difference between day and night, low air pressure and temperature in plateau alpine region require high fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, hydraulic transmission oil and other oils. Generally, the selection can be made according to the following requirements.
Fuel oil should be high quality and clean - 35 light diesel. The supercharged diesel engine oil of SAE (American Institute of Engineers) standard 0W/30 and above should be selected for lubricating oil.

Hydraulic oil should choose HV-46, HV-68 or better low temperature anti-wear hydraulic oil. "HV" series low temperature hydraulic oil is mainly used in plateau cold area and construction machinery in bad working conditions. It has excellent viscous-temperature characteristics, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity and low temperature pumpability.

Hydraulic transmission oil should have good viscous-temperature performance, rubber compatibility, thermal oxidation stability, shear stability, abrasion resistance and appropriate friction performance to meet the requirements of clutch and power shift transmission and achieve smooth shift. North Benz ND3250B44-6*4 dump truck preferred hydraulic transmission oil No. 6 and No. 8 which meet the above requirements.

5. Selecting High Quality Coolant

The coolant used for dump trucks in tunnels in plateau cold areas should have long-term anti-freezing, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-oxidation functions. American DEX-COOL coolant and German Volkswagen G12 brand antifreeze have these characteristics, which are more suitable for dump trucks.

In use, attention should be paid to periodic detection of freezing point, rust and corrosion resistance of coolant, in order to prevent damage to engine block, radiator of dump truck, pipeline, hose, etc. When replacing antifreeze fluid, it should prevent leakage and spray injury.

In addition, the following tasks must be done well: selecting high-power tunnel ventilation equipment and intact ventilation ducts to ensure that the oxygen content of air in the tunnel is not reduced; strengthening routine maintenance work, especially cleaning air filters before work every day, and regularly replacing the original factory accessories; cleaning or replacing oil, hydraulic oil, etc. in strict accordance with the provisions of the operation and maintenance manual Hydraulic transmission oil filter.

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