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Market segmentation---China

On global level Automotive cooling system, industry is segmented by product type, diverse applications, and research regions. Regional Automotive Intercoolers segmentation analyses the market presence across North America, Europe, Japan, India, China, Middle East & Africa, South America. The article analysis present some data in China for the past 10 years.

China's Production Volume of Automobiles is increasing with a CAGR of more than 12% over the decade. Thus China has been established as the world's largest automobile producer and seller for nine consecutive years over the past 10 years.

Auto radiator is one of the most important components for the cooling system. A good performance of a radiator has a good impact on hear dissipation, dynamic property, economic efficiency, reliability and even normal operation and driving safety. The increasing of production volume and penetration of radiators across the world lead to increasing demand of whole-vehicle manufacturing and aftermaket.

According to reaserch, with economic globalization and fierce competition in the industry, global automobile industry has been through a significant change in the past decades. For automobile radiator manufacturers in China, many opportunities for growth were offered over the last 10 years. One opportunity came from stable growth in the automobile component market that stimulated the export of automobile radiators in China.

As automobile industry has a rapid growth in China, it naturally raises more demend for automobile radiators. China's production volume of automobiles was merely 8.88 million units in 2007. However, over ten years, it reached 29.02 million.

Due to the majority of automotive sales in the region, China is an important components for Asia Pacific and the world, as well as technological advancement such as two-stage supercharging, which compress air and transfers it back to the engine and enhances the power in the vehicle.

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