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Introduction to Modern Tucson's Performance and Configuration

The hyundai tucson inter-cooler used to be the backbone of Korean car system, and now sales are declining dramatically, but its appearance is still quite good.

As you all know, Korean brand has been the most influential brand in our domestic automobile market, especially in the modern Korean car system. With its fashionable appearance at that time and its relative sales price, it was the last domestic consumer's favorite at that time. Its sales performance can be seen as no worse than that of Nissan, Buick and Liangtian. However, Korean car brand sells well, but its core competitiveness is not so strong. In the middle and high-end competition, it is far less than the old joint venture funds of Volkswagen, Toyota and so on. I believe you all know that the two major selling points of Korean car system are its high face value and cost performance. After the self-owned brand is weak, it still has a good time. However, with the rise of domestic brand with higher face value, the sales performance of Korean brand began to decline. Today, let's take a look at the body shape and interior design of the hyundai tucson inter-cooler, the most influential Korean brand.

In the aspect of car body modelling design, the hyundai tucson inter-cooler adds elements that belong to modern element design. It has fashion, personality, publicity and dynamic modelling design, which can fully meet the current aesthetic needs. In front of the car, its narrow eyes on both sides, with a quite amazing feeling, embedded in the LED lamp, turn on the headlight, you can feel the impact force. Its grille presents a hexagonal shape design, as well as through the smoked and blackened central network, with a wide bumper, to create a better strong sense of power. The rear end of the car creates a simple atmosphere, and the whole body seems to have a fairly high degree of recognition in response to the interaction of single-side and double-exhaust exhaust manifolds.

At first glance, some traditional SUV models, such as cutting edge, road view and so on, are more stable and mature. In the details, you can see that they are quite fashionable and have a sense of sport, which is not worse than the Honda CRV on the whole. The waistline is also very fierce, with a clear forward tilt and backward posture, matched with metal wheels, for the sports breath of the car has a relatively good performance. In terms of space, they are 4475mm/1850mm/1660mm, and the wheelbase length is 2670mm. Although there are still some gaps compared with Boyue and Harvard H6, they are still enough for daily household use.

In the car interior design, we can see the main tone of black; through the decoration of silver gold bars, the overall maturity also has a trace of active atmosphere, with a strong sense of business. The layout of the central console is also more traditional but with a modern aesthetic feeling. It has very good layers. The workmanship and materials are not exquisite, and overall sense of grade is still enough.

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