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Auto radiator is the weaker link in automobile parts. The automobile radiator should have sufficient heat dissipation capacity and long service life in a limited space. And the assembly must be light in weight, consume less non-ferrous materials, and have low production costs. Its development trends are as follows:

1. Car radiators are thin-walled, heavy, and efficient

Car radiator is a kind of fragile auto parts with high output value, and the cost of material is larger than the cost of heavy labor. How to further reduce material consumption is an urgent issue to be solved worldwide.

Generally, the cost of raw materials for car radiators accounts for 75% to 85% of the entire cost. Equipment maintenance costs only account for 3% to 7% of the total cost, and the wages of employees account for about 2% to 4% of the total cost. Therefore, only by reducing material consumption and improving the production process and structure can automobile radiators achieve thin wall, heavy weight and high efficiency.

2. The structure of the car radiator is reasonable

In order to ensure sufficient heat dissipation capacity and reliability in a limited space, only by looking for improvement measures, reducing stress, and improving heat transfer in the structure of automobile radiators, can the design requirements be met.

3. Aluminum car radiator is the development trend

The use of high-efficiency nitrogen (N2) protective brazing process to organize the production of aluminum auto radiators is a development trend in the future. The use of brazed aluminum car radiators for cars and some light vehicles is a recent development trend. Substituting aluminum for copper can further reduce the weight of the radiator. In particular, the aluminum car radiator produced by brazing can achieve the same strength of the entire assembly, thereby greatly improving the reliability of the car radiator.

4. Assembled aluminum car radiators are widely used in Europe

The use of assembled aluminum car radiators is a process used to reduce the pollution caused by the brazing process and reduce the welding difficulties of aluminum materials. Although some products still use this structure at present, excessive wind resistance will affect the use of this structure type.

The most promising structure is: the core of the car radiator is an aluminum core or copper produced by welding; the core. The water chamber is molded by reinforced nylon, and the core body is back-buckled on the periphery of the water chamber through the protruding part of the edge of the main plate, so that the sealing rubber gasket between the main plate and the periphery of the water chamber is compressed and deformed to realize a firm and sealed connection between the two.

The brazed aluminum radiator can achieve the same strength of the entire assembly, thereby greatly improving the life of the car radiator.

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