Analysis of Inter-cooler Function in Engine

The hyundai sonata inter-cooler as a turbocharging accessories is a common part of our truck engine. Its function is to improve the ventilation efficiency of the engine. For turbocharged engine, the hyundai sonata inter-cooler is an important component of turbocharging system. Whether it is a mechanical turbocharged engine or a turbocharged engine, it is necessary to install an inter-cooler between the supercharger and the engine intake manifold. Because this radiator is located between the engine and the supercharger, it is also called an inter-cooler.

Why is the hyundai sonata inter-cooler needed?

One of the reasons why turbocharged engines have more power than ordinary engines is that their ventilation efficiency is higher than the natural intake of ordinary engines. When air enters turbocharging, its temperature will rise dramatically and its density will decrease. The inter-cooler plays the role of cooling air. The high temperature air passes through the inter-cooler and then enters the engine. If there is no inter-cooler to let the supercharged high temperature air directly into the engine, the engine will be damaged or even dead because of the high air temperature.

Working Principle of the hyundai sonata inter-cooler

Because the temperature of exhaust gas from engine is very high, heat conduction through supercharger will increase the temperature of intake air. Moreover, the density of air will increase in the process of compression, which will inevitably lead to the increase of air temperature, thus affecting the efficiency of the engine inflation. If you want to further improve the efficiency of inflation, you need to reduce the intake temperature. Data show that the engine power can be increased by 3%-5% when the temperature of supercharged air drops by 10 C at the same air-fuel ratio.

If the uncool-ed pressurized air enters the combustion chamber, it will not only affect the efficiency of the engine, but also easily cause engine combustion temperature to be too high, resulting in knock and other faults, and will increase the content of NO_x in the exhaust gas of the engine, resulting in air pollution. In order to solve the adverse effects of air temperature rise after pressurization, it is necessary to install inter-cooler to reduce the intake temperature.

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